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Growth Opportunities

Reimagining Growth

Today's growing population calls for a perpetually expanding Media and Entertainment Industry with an even wider range of viewing options than before. The industry in turn demands the generation of an enormous amount of content. Thousands of job opportunities for the creators of content are now available, while thousands more are being created at an extraordinary pace. The key to successfully leverage this boom in job opportunities is to have a strong skill set. Arena Animation is one of India's leading institutes for aspirants of the Media & Entertainment Industry. It transforms students & aspirants into job-ready skilled professionals.

  • The Media and Entertainment Industry is projected to be more than ₹2 lakh crore by 2020.*
  • The animation sector in India will grow to become ₹23.2 billion industry by 2020.*
  • Indian TV and Advertising Industry, Combiner, is expected to be ₹862 billion by 2020.*
  • Internet users are expected to reach 829 million by 2021.*
  • Print Media is estimated to grow at an overall CAGR of approximately 7% till 2020 with an estimated revenue of ₹369 billion.*


New Horizons. New Industries

The introduction and use of the latest tools and technologies in the process of content creation and development, has meant that skilled students from the Media and Entertainment Industry find themselves employable across a vast genre of industries:

Advertising, Print, Television, Outdoor, Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Gaming and Digital are some of the emerging sectors of the Media and Entertainment Industry.

This industry also plays a crucial role in other allied industries such as Architechture, Technology, Life Sciences, Archaeology and many more...

Arena Animation equips its students with the skills required to become employable professionals in the Media and Entertainment Industry Through:

Latest Tools & Technologies
Honing Talent with Technique
Real-time Exposure via Formal and Informal events
Providing Platforms to showcase talent
Pre-Interview Preparations

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